Woohoo! I’m Headlining Zanies in Nashville!

What’s up, ya animals!? This Thursday night (July 13th) at 7:30PM, I’m headlining Zanies Comedy Club in Nashville, TN! I might spend my entire 45 minutes complaining about how terrible the NHL Stanley Cup Final’s refs were, so if you want to see a 30 year old man have an emotional breakdown on stage, come on by! But for reals, we’ll be talking divorced parents, growing up as a Jew in the south, puberty, the Mighty Ducks, and of course, the meaning of life.Tickets are selling out, so if you want to hop on the Jew wagon, buy ’em before it’s too late! They’re $20 if you use this link…


I honestly can’t put into words how excited I am to come back home to do comedy for you monsters. Let’s party!!!


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