The Big D

Holy sweet dear lord did I have a great time headlining at the High and Tight Barber Shop in Dallas, TX. Thanks so much to everyone who came out (we sold 50 tickets!), to everyone who let me crash on their couch, to all the people who gave me spots on shows, and to Moses for freeing the Jews from slavery in Egypt. I couldn’t have done it without you guys. Dallas might be home to the $30,000 millionaire and big haired blondes with more silicon than personality, but overall, it truly is an amazing city. Not to mention, nothing makes me laugh harder than hearing staunch Republicans yell how they “love Big D.” That alone is worth the trip.

In case you care (you probably don’t) here’s a picture from the show…

Yay, comedy!















And here’s a picture of the wall in my CEO’s office. Probably the highlight of my week…

I’m such an idiot















I quit my job 6 years ago to do comedy and while this life has an insane number of ups and (mostly) downs, it’s trips like these that help rationalize all of the sacrifice. Thanks so much Dallas! You made me the happiest little Jew in the whole wide world!

Next stop on the “Definitely Not Kosher Tour” is the New York Comedy Club on Tuesday June 6th at 9PM. Gonna be an absolute dandy! If you’re in the city that night, let’s party! Here’s the link for tickets…

And keep your eye out for the Definitely Not Kosher Tour which will eventually be coming to a city near you. If there is a good room with good people, I’m there!

See you soon!


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