Naked Chicks

Don’t worry, I’m pretty sure there are other places on the internet where you can find pictures of naked chicks. Perhaps even some videos. Who knows!?

Well, now that you are here, maybe it doesn’t hurt to tell you that I am currently for hire if you are looking for comedic services. I will do anything from Bar Mitzvahs to whatever the opposite of a Bar Mitzvah is. If it involves doing stand-up, improv (I have trained at UCB NY), acting, hosting/MC’ing an event, or writing (articles, speeches, sketches…), I am your fella. And more importantly, if I don’t meet/exceed your expectations on whatever it is I am asked to deliver, I will not charge you a dime. Do you see that drunk, 115 pound high schooler in the middle of that picture up there? The guy standing between the real jewy lookin’ fella and the behemoth? You have his word. Shoot me a message on the “contact form” if you are interested. Thanks and have yourself a tremendous day.