The Road Less Traveled

A lot of people thought I was out of my mind for quitting my perfectly good job at the marketing agency in Dallas, but if there is anything I learned from running on the baseball field, it’s that you gotta take risks to get any rewards. If you always take the safe route, you’re never going to go anywhere new.

The thought reminds me of a time in high school when our English teacher made us read a poem, “The Road Less Traveled” by Robert Frost. We read the poem out loud in class, and then our teacher had us go around the room and explain a time we each took the road less traveled in our lives. Some people mentioned how they volunteered at soup kitchens on the weekends, others talked about they worked as mentors for underprivileged kids, and some talked about their unique and rare achievements. I was literally the last one to be called upon in the class, and after a long internal debate, I blurted out…

“Left-Handed!” (insert left-handed masturbation air stroke)

Let’s just say that was not the answer my teacher was looking for.  I tried to explain that I meant throwing a football left handed, but teach didn’t buy it. After about 5 minutes of laughter, I was asked to leave the classroom (which seems to me like quite a counter-intuitive form of punishment). So I did, but little did my teacher know, that poem had quite an impact on me. If there is anything I really took away from it over time, it was this…

Don’t let people convince you that what they believe is the right way to go about living life. We are all different, so someone else’s values and beliefs are not necessarily going to work for you. Know yourself, know what you’re capable of, and do what makes you happy. Life is short, don’t waste it trying to fit in. Take the Road Less Traveled.

Check out the video if you want to hear a bit more of what I have to say about getting into stand-up…


Beat off left-handed every once in awhile. You just might be surprised.


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