Chicago, I’m a Comin for Ya!

Holy toldeo, I’m so excited to make my first trip to Chicago this November! On Sunday November 4th I’ll be at Zanies Comedy club and then I’ll be headlining Judy’s Beat Lounge on Wednesday November 8th at 8PM. It’s going to be such an amazing week, so if you live in Chicago, come to one of of these shows and lets hang out and eat deep dish pizza and talk about the bears and the bulls and stuff. Ticket link to come. Can’t wait to see ya!

Thank You Atlanta!!!

Atlanta, I love you with all of my heart!!! I can’t believe we sold out the Relapse Theater. You made me the happiest little boy in the whole wide world. Between my spots at The Punchline, Laughing Skull and the insane amount of drinking that took place in Athens, GA on Saturday, I couldn’t have asked for a better week. I’ll have video from the show soon, but in the meantime, here’s a little picture collage I put together because I’m a loser with way too much free time…

See you in 2018, ATL. Can’t wait!!!

Definitely Not Kosher Tour

What’s up ya animals!? It’s your old pal Jer here with some updates on life, liberty and the pursuit of comedy. Ever since I quit my marketing job 6 years ago, I have been hustling like a mad man in the crazy city of New York trying to become the best comedian my little Jewish self could be. I’ve produced 100s of shows, performed at comedy clubs all over the country, and spent an embarrassing amount of time riding Greyhound busses to tell jokes in bar basements for $20. Moral of the story, it’s been a bumpy/fun/awful/awesome/terrifying/exhilarating ride.

So where does the road lead next? Right to you guys! Over the next few months, I’ll be headlining (doing 45+ minutes of material) at venues all across the US as part of my “Definitely Not Kosher” tour. I’ll be coming to Dallas in May, the New York Comedy Club in June, Zanies Comedy Club in Nashville in July, The Punchline in Atlanta in August and more dates TBD in Charlotte, Philly, DC, Phoenix, Austin, Denver and LA. I’ve never been more excited to showcase my new work, so if you are in one of these cities when I come through, I would love nothing more than to see you beautiful faces there! Also, if you could help spread the word to anyone and everyone who might be interested, that’d be so super awesome. The more the merrier! Butterfly kisses for everyone!!!

Next stop is Zanies in Nashville on Thursday July 11th at 7:30! Come on out! Gonna be a party!!!

White, Male and Privileged

Privileged Boys

It’s good to be a white male. It’s great to be a white male. Actually it’s holy dick balls this is the most amazing gift in the world incredible to be a white male. When people tell me I can do what I want with my life, they mean it from the bottom of their souls. Because I can! I can do whatever my fortunate little white boy heart desires. I can get a job at a top level marketing agency by making 2 phone calls via my parents’ connections. I can get arrested 3 times and spend absolutely 0 hours in jail. I can run on the Texas Rangers’ baseball field in the middle of a game and not only avoid any consequences, but also get paid $1,100 by my company’s CEO. My life is #Blessed


The only hard part about my existence is that I have to live every day knowing I’ve been randomly gifted with an insanely unfair amount of privilege and opportunity. Between the private school, the drum and tennis lessons, the family ski vacations, the car at 16, and the paid for college tuition, I have enough white privilege to catapult 678 impoverished families above the poverty line and into the lush memory foam mattresses of the upper class. But alas, you can’t divvy up my type of privilege amongst the less fortunate like an appetizer sampler at a TGI Fridays. So the question then becomes, what can people in my position do? How can we possibly live with ourselves knowing that we have so much while other people have so little? The answer is simple – numb yourself to the world and keep on moving forward surrounded by a toxic cloud of ignorance and denial.


I kid! The real answer? Don’t be a dick!


Empathy is one of the most necessary and powerful emotions there is. It’s one of the few feelings not based in selfishness. I may have no idea what it’s like to be terrified of the police, but if you don’t feel the slightest bit of pain when you constantly watch black person after black person unjustly lose their lives to the people in charge of “protecting and serving,” you might want to look at yourself in the mirror and say “wow, I’m a monster.”


Of course #AllLivesMatter, but if you don’t focus on the lives that don’t currently seem to matter, all of our lives can’t ever matter. If your leg is broken, you focus on fixing the leg, and then you worry about all of the other bones mattering. Is it really that hard to just accept that we still have a race/sex/religion issue in this country? We may not be the generation responsible for slavery, the crusades, or Bill Cosby, but that doesn’t mean we have to be the one that does nothing to help alleviate problems that have existed for thousands of years. Acceptance is the first step.


Some of my friends don’t admit that white, male privilege exists, and it absolutely blows my mind. We went to one of the whitest, most prestigious private schools in the country. Privilege blasted us in the face on a daily basis. Check out this extremely diverse picture of the 2005 graduating class of Montgomery Bell Academy…




Yea, I know. We’re almost as white as Paul Ryan’s interns. I can’t even find my own picture in that group. It’s like playing Where’s Waldo when everyone is dressed up just like Waldo.


Now I’m not saying that my high school is a racist/sexist institution. They have all the right in the world to enroll whomever they want. What I am saying is that it is one fuck load of a coincidence that most of the people who can afford that school happen to be white. And why is that lack of diversity a problem? Because if you don’t have a diverse group of friends, you’ll never be comfortable around a diverse group of people or be able to understand their struggle. No one who went to my school knows about real struggle. Our biggest fears were having to settle for our safety schools and not being able to get beer on Friday night.


I’ve read the book Animal Farm. I’m aware that socialism is an idealistic goal that can never be achieved because there will always be selfish pigs around to ruin the fun for everybody. But that doesn’t mean we can’t do our best to narrow the wage gap. 1% of the world has pretty much all the power, and that is totally fucked! WWJD in this situation? Drink $1,000 bottles of scotch and masturbate to a painting of himself on the yacht he named “Sweet Jesus” or use his power to create a system that gives all people access to live the American dream?


If there was ever a time for the 1% to rebrand themselves as the group that did more for the world and less for themselves, now is that time. Climate change is real, society has already used up a year’s worth of natural resources in just 7 months, and we are on the verge of potentially electing the world’s most sociopathic dick weasel to be our president. We can’t let that happen! If Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un and Vladimir Putin are in power at the same time, our only chance of survival will be if Frodo and Samwise can destroy the ring. The last thing we want to do is let those assholes drive us off a cliff yelling “O’Doyle rules!”


We have to change and we have to change now. The swastika used to be a symbol of peace and well being, and now it’s the most popular face tattoo among Nazi loving skinheads. If the swastika can change, we can change…just ya know, the other way around.


So c’mon white men, let’s pull a reverse swastika. Let’s end all of the evil white devil stereotypes, and use our unfair advantage for the betterment of the world. It’s time to suck up our pride and stubborn self-righteousness and listen. Listen to the black people who have to act like the Dave Chappelle white guy character every time they get pulled over for a traffic violation. Listen to the women who have to spend their lives battling through a gauntlet of creepy assholes. Listen to the Muslims who get arrested on airplanes for doing math. And most importantly, listen to all of the rational people in the world who say “let’s all definitely not vote for Donald mother fucking Trump.”


We can do this! Let’s make white power great again!

5/28/13 – Final Show at Slightly Oliver!!!

Hey Gang,

As I’m sure most of you are aware, all good things must come to an end, and that is unfortunately the case for the show I have been running for the past 6 months at Slightly Oliver. I know some of you have just broken down into tears and screamed out “Why God!? Why must you allow such a travesty to occur to such a fun and awesome show!?”, but relax, because as soon as I find another worthy venue, the show will go on. I would have loved for this one to go on for longer, but the restaurant is having some serious issues staying above water, so they had to drop the show from the budget. It sucks a big old bag of balls, but there aint a whole lot I can do about it. What I can do is make this last show SUPER FREAKIN AWESOME, and that’s exactly what’s gonna happen. Circus animals, chainsaw jugglers, Trapeze artists, Laser Tag, Bounce Castles, authentic mexican churro stands, crack cocaine, photo booths, whale tanks, cupcakes, jet skis, hot chicks, Led Zeppelin and even some comedy! It’s gonna be just like it was when Billy Madison passed the third grade (Oh what a glorious dayeeayyy!), so come out and join us tomorrow night (May 28th) at 8:00 PM for the LAST EVER SHOW AT SLIGHTLY OLIVER!!! Seriously yall, it’s gonna be the bestest time ever! Here’s the lineup…

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Tuesday Night Comedy @ Slightly Oliver

Hello my little champions! I know it’s the beginning of the week and some of you might be contemplating whether or not to murder everyone in your office today, but don’t fret because tremendous times are comin your way this Tuesday night (May 14th) at 8PM at Slightly Oliver (511 Amsterdam b/w 84th and 85th). If you’ve been to a show before, you know the kind of incredibleness that’s right around the corner. If you haven’t, you should stop missing out on cool things and come check one out. Here’s a real life review from a real life person who came to the show 2 weeks ago…

“Just laughed my ass off at Jeremy Pinsly’s comedy show. Amazing comics and a sick venue, they do it every other week at slightly Oliver on 85& amsterdam, a must check out!!”

That’s right ladies and gents, a “must check out”. So if you’re sitting at your desk right now contemplating how to escape the monotony of the week long grind, get your asses out to Slightly Oliver this Tuesday night, and let’s have ourselves a good ole fashion time. With No Cover, $3 beers, $1 oysters, a full lineup of hilarious comedians, a nice venue, and me, how could you pass? Here’s who we got making dreams come true this week…












Gary Vider












Emily Heller










Matt Wayne










Jon Laster







Music by: ZAC TAYLOR

Zac Taylor









Hosted by:


As always, there is No cover, $3 beers, $1 0ysters, and a full menu of delicious items. Music starts at 8, comedy starts at 8:30. Seating is limited so CALL 212-362-1098 TO RESERVE!

This show takes all of your bad feelings and turns em into incredibly good feelings. You aint want none of this shit! Hopefully I’ll see some of you animals there.


Jeremy David Pinsly

Tuesday Night Comedy @ Slightly Oliver – 10th Show Anniversary!


Hey ya little swamp monsters. Jeremy Pinsly here. Are you ready for some earth shattering news? Well here it is. This Tuesday night (April 30th) will be the 10TH SHOW ANNIVERSARY for “Tuesday Night Comedy” at Slightly Oliver in the upper west side. Isn’t that somethin? What started as a drunken conversation outside of a bar at 4am after Hurricane Sandy has turned into something “totally dope fresh” (New York Times). Now to celebrate this oh so special occasion (I don’t have a girlfriend, so this is the kind of thing I hold onto), I put together an extra spectacular lineup for ya this Tuesday night. Gary Gulman, who was on HBO’s Tourgasm with Dane Cook, is gonna be doin a full 20 minute set! Not to mention I’m going to be an absolute laugh riot, and the the rest of the lineup is a bunch of super hilarious/neat folks. If you miss this for anything other than a Grouper date or an IMAX showing of “Pain and Gain”, you’re just being dumb.  Here’s who we got bringin the magic this week…


JOE LIST (HBO Comedy Festival, Live at Gotham)

















MYQ KAPLAN (Comedy Central, Conan, Letterman)

Myq Kaplan









DAN ENFIELD (Gotham, Hollywood Improv)

















SEATON SMITH (John Mulaney Show)

Seaton Smith









Music by:

Hosted by:

Music starts at 8, comedy starts at 8:30. As always, there is NO COVER, but there is a $20 food/drink minimum per table seat (bar and standing room are free!). Address is 511 Amsterdam b/w 84th and 85th. CALL 212-362-1098 TO RESERVE!

If you like laughing and fun and drinking and eating and music and being with people, then you’re gonna love this show. Hopefully I’ll see some of you rascals there!

Yours truly,
Jeremy David Pinsly IV

Tuesday Night Comedy @ Slightly Oliver


Hey People! I hope your lives have been just swell over the past couple of weeks. I know mine most certainly has. I spent the last 24 hours in the wonderful state of New Jersey celebrating my aunt’s 50th birthday, and  boy, oh boy did we have ourselves a good ole fashion time. I attended my first ever Narcotic’s Anonymous meeting (led by my cousin), danced to house music with my drunk/heavily sedated 84 year old grandmother, smoked weed with my aunt after she drove me home blackout drunk (she’s a real good influence on my cousin), and listened to my uncle tell stories about the three prostitutes he used to live next to when he was younger. Did I mention that my 7 year old cousin punched me directly in the dick this morning? Or that I watched 2 fights break out in line for the Greyhound bus that led to one guy being arrested and a 300 pound Jamaican woman repeatedly telling another woman to fuck her own ass hole? Like I said, such a good time.


Anyhoo, let’s talk about what I came here to talk about. I’ve got a super, super great show for ya this coming Tuesday night at Slightly Oliver. I will be hosting and doing a set of my own, while 6 top-notch comedians from all over NYC and LA drop by to slap you in the face with some authentically delightful stand-up comedy. You should seriously consider coming to check it out. Seriously. If you have plans, cancel em. If you’re thinking about going home and being lazy, don’t be lazy. If you have to work late, tell your boss to go fuck himself, and come to the show anyway. Trust me,  you’ll have zero regrets. Here’s the incredibly sick nasty dope funky fresh lineup for this week (brace yourselves)…





Adam Lowitt




Ryan Hamilton headshots


Matt Wayne


Music By:
A dude who plays guitar and sings real good

Hosted By:

As always, there is no cover, but there is a $20 food/drink minimum per seat (bar and standing room are free!). Music starts at 8, comedy starts at 8:30.  Specials include $3 beers and $1 oysters. CALL (212) 362-1098 TO RESERVE!

Hopefully I’ll see some of you animals there. If you can’t make it to this one, the next show will be April 30th.

Don’t do drugs, and don’t drink and drive. I love you all.


“Please Sir, May I Have Some More?” – March 19th

Slightly Oliver Restaurant
Hey People. I’ve got an awesome show lined up this week. And when I say “awesome” I mean “awesome”. Did I say that it was “awesome”? Subliminal “awesome”. Ha, it’s gonna be so “awesome”. “Awesome”.

Here’s the lineup…

DAN ST. GERMAIN (Comedy Central, Fallon, VH1)

JOE MACHI (Caroline’s)


PAT DIXON (Comedy Central, Late, Late Show, VH1)

MATT BAETZ (Late, Late, Show)


Music from:
Erinn Peet-Lukes

Hosted by:

NO COVER, $20 food/drink minimum per seat, standing room is FREE, $3 beers, $1 oysters, and precious memories for all in attendance.

You can CALL (212) 362-1098 TO RESERVE A SEAT OR TABLE. Seating is limited and fills up quickly. Bar is first come, first serve. Show starts at 8. I’ll be there at 7. Come say hey. We can chat. It’ll be fun. Peace. I love you.