Headlining Zanies in Nashville!

Hey Gang! I’m headlining Zanies Comedy Club in Nashville on Thursday May 24th at 7:30PM! Nothing makes me happier than coming back home to see my most favorite people in the whole wide world. Tickets are $20 and you can get them by using the link below…


Gonna be one for the ages! See you soon!


Headlining Philly Comedy Club on Friday May 18th

Hey gang! I’m headlining the Philly Comedy Club on Friday May 18th at 7 and 9PM. The only thing I know for sure is it’s going to be an absolute gem of a show. Tickets are $15 if you use the promo code “Pinsly” and the memories will be forever. If you live in Philly (or know anyone who does) please help spread the word! A portion of the proceeds are going to benefit the Red Nose Foundation so yea, you’ll be having fun and making the world a better place.

Tickets for 7PM:


Tickets for 9PM


See ya on May 18th! Gonna be a dandy!!!

Stand Up and Save the World – April 3rd

Oh, hey there ya happy little trees!

It’s your old pal Jer here to let you know that everyone’s favorite monthly charity themed comedy show – Stand Up and Save the World – is back this coming Tuesday April 3rd at 7PM at the New York Comedy Club (241 E 24th st)!!! This month, in honor of Parkinson’s Awareness Month and our good friend/comedy legend, Rick Shapiro, we are donating the proceeds to Stop PD – an organization aimed at treating people with Parkinson’s. And the best news is, Rick, who recently got out of the hospital, will be performing on the show! It’s gonna be amazing! Not to mention we’ll have plenty of other special guests. Gonna be one for the ages!!!

For $10 tickets (use promo code “SAVETHEWORLD”)…

To Donate to Stop PD…

Gonna be such a fun night you beautiful, beautiful humans. If you care about yourself, the world, people with Parkinson’s, and/or Jesus, I’ll see you on Tuesday. Can’t wait!!!


P.S. My mom will be there

Stand Up and Save the World

Hey Gang!!! On Tuesday February 27th at 7PM, I’m starting a new show at the New York Comedy Club where I feature the best comics in the world for the sole purpose of raising money for charity, bringing people together, and saving the world one joke at a time. Each show will feature a different charitable organization, and the proceeds raised will go to support those causes. Whether it’s tackling environmental issues, standing up for women’s rights or putting an end to that damn cancer, we will come together and use having fun as an excuse to help save the world. This month, ticket sales are going to benefit RAINN (the world’s largest anti-sexual violence organization) and we will be featuring…


Use promo code “SAVETHEWORLD” for $10 tickets


It’s gonna be such a fun night, and I’d love to see your beautiful faces there! If not, then donate and you can still do just enough to feel good about yourself. Join the movement and help us save the world!!!


Happy New Year/I’m Headlining in Austin!!!

Happy New Year ya filthy animals!!! I don’t know if you guys are as excited about 2018 as I am, but assuming the world doesn’t blow up or super ebola goes viral or Alabama wins another national championship (wait, what?), it’s going to be the best year in the history of years!!! However, before we look ahead, I just wanted to say thank you so much to every single one of you who came to a show on my tour last year. Thanks to your support I sold out pretty much every tour stop from Dallas, to New York, to Nashville, to Atlanta and Second city in Chicago. I honestly can’t put into words how grateful I am to have all of your beautiful faces in my life. You complete me!!!

Ok, so now that the sappy part is over, let’s talk 2018. If you don’t already have a resolution (cause you’re perfect), come to one of my shows!  On Friday January 19th I’m headlining in Austin, Texas at 9:30PM at the New Movement Theater (616 Lavaca st.). Tickets are $10 if you use the link below. If you live in Austin or know anyone who lives in Austin, please spread the word!!! You can also click the link and vote for my show to help sell more tickets locally. Please click the link and vote/buy tickets if you can! Jesus will love you for it!!

Other than that, I’m working on a bunch of writing projects, acting opportunities and making the world a better place. I would love to see each and every one of you at some point throughout the year, so stay tuned and I’ll keep ya posted when I’m heading to your town! Have a Jim Dandy Day!


Chicago, I’m a Comin for Ya!

Holy toldeo, I’m so excited to make my first trip to Chicago this November! On Sunday November 4th I’ll be at Zanies Comedy club and then I’ll be headlining Judy’s Beat Lounge on Wednesday November 8th at 8PM. It’s going to be such an amazing week, so if you live in Chicago, come to one of of these shows and lets hang out and eat deep dish pizza and talk about the bears and the bulls and stuff. Ticket link to come. Can’t wait to see ya!

Thank You Atlanta!!!

Atlanta, I love you with all of my heart!!! I can’t believe we sold out the Relapse Theater. You made me the happiest little boy in the whole wide world. Between my spots at The Punchline, Laughing Skull and the insane amount of drinking that took place in Athens, GA on Saturday, I couldn’t have asked for a better week. I’ll have video from the show soon, but in the meantime, here’s a little picture collage I put together because I’m a loser with way too much free time…

See you in 2018, ATL. Can’t wait!!!

Woohoo! I’m Headlining Zanies in Nashville!

What’s up, ya animals!? This Thursday night (July 13th) at 7:30PM, I’m headlining Zanies Comedy Club in Nashville, TN! I might spend my entire 45 minutes complaining about how terrible the NHL Stanley Cup Final’s refs were, so if you want to see a 30 year old man have an emotional breakdown on stage, come on by! But for reals, we’ll be talking divorced parents, growing up as a Jew in the south, puberty, the Mighty Ducks, and of course, the meaning of life.Tickets are selling out, so if you want to hop on the Jew wagon, buy ’em before it’s too late! They’re $20 if you use this link…


I honestly can’t put into words how excited I am to come back home to do comedy for you monsters. Let’s party!!!


Definitely Not Kosher Tour

What’s up ya animals!? It’s your old pal Jer here with some updates on life, liberty and the pursuit of comedy. Ever since I quit my marketing job 6 years ago, I have been hustling like a mad man in the crazy city of New York trying to become the best comedian my little Jewish self could be. I’ve produced 100s of shows, performed at comedy clubs all over the country, and spent an embarrassing amount of time riding Greyhound busses to tell jokes in bar basements for $20. Moral of the story, it’s been a bumpy/fun/awful/awesome/terrifying/exhilarating ride.

So where does the road lead next? Right to you guys! Over the next few months, I’ll be headlining (doing 45+ minutes of material) at venues all across the US as part of my “Definitely Not Kosher” tour. I’ll be coming to Dallas in May, the New York Comedy Club in June, Zanies Comedy Club in Nashville in July, The Punchline in Atlanta in August and more dates TBD in Charlotte, Philly, DC, Phoenix, Austin, Denver and LA. I’ve never been more excited to showcase my new work, so if you are in one of these cities when I come through, I would love nothing more than to see you beautiful faces there! Also, if you could help spread the word to anyone and everyone who might be interested, that’d be so super awesome. The more the merrier! Butterfly kisses for everyone!!!

Next stop is Zanies in Nashville on Thursday July 11th at 7:30! Come on out! Gonna be a party!!!