Highlights from Gotham Comedy Club

Howdy friends! Here are some clips of me doing stand-up comedy on the main stage at Gotham the other night. Check em out…

And another for your viewing pleasure

Special thanks to Celine Rosenthal with her help on my set. If you like what you see, check out the “Me Doing Stand-Up” section of the site to check out some more. I’ll post new clips there as often as I can. And if you don’t believe that I was really a poorly dressed violinist with a bowl cut mullet, check it…

Bad Ass











Center Field to Second Base

So you might have noticed there is a picture of me running on the Texas Ranger’s baseball field at the very top of this site. It’s not photo-shopped, it was just a well timed snap of the camera from a sports photographer I will forever be grateful for. Wherever you are Mr. Awesome Picture Taker Guy, I respect you. It was the best opening day of baseball I will ever in my life experience. If you’d like to hear the tale in it’s entirety, check out the video…and yes I look super high/drunk in that freezed shot below…maybe I was…



Who woulda thought being such an idiot would’ve paid off so brilliantly? The CEO had apparently been making the bet for 17 years and I was the first to do it (my mom was just soooo proud).

jeans, victory, field run, baseball, rangers, texas
These were my pants hanging up at the next year’s home opener. My last day working for the company




He gave me a check the next day, but in exchange, I had to give himĀ  my “game used” jeans. He wanted to frame them in the office. The dude clearly likes to party (and collect young men’s pants). Mad respect.





Pics taken w/ a coworkers camera phone…

field running, baseball, texas, rangers, opening day, fan on field, second base, steal, center field, bet, dare
I really let that dude with the backwards hat down. Sorry Fella.


The head of New Business and the CEO (on the right) carry me back to the tailgate…

rangers, texas, CEO, baseball, shoulders, celebration, tailgate, opening day, stolen base
The Irish midget was seconds away from wrecking us

























The Rangers went on to make it to their first ever World Series that year. I take full credit.