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Self-Awareness Awareness



In this totally whacked out, narcissistic, 100MPH social media world we live in, thoughts and opinions are being flung around like feces in a monkey sanctuary. There is more ignorance than truth, more hate than love, more conflict than resolution, more division than unity, and more non-sense than sense. So what does this do to us as human beings? It makes us absolutely, out-of-our-minds-Sarah Palin crazy. We don’t know what the hell is real and what the hell is a carcinogenic byproduct of the diarrhea we jam into our brains on a second by second basis. In a world where opinions are more prevalent than Starbucks and McDonalds, it’s important to take a step back and remind ourselves to not to let the crap get the best of us.

We’re all guilty of letting opposing thoughts piss us off. Whenever we hear a world view that differs from the one we know and love, our brains short circuit, and our instinct is to explode into a fit of misguided rage (You don’t think Beyonce is the greatest performer of all time!? Eat shit and die!!!!). We live in a world filled with millions of isolated bubbles – national bubbles, regional bubbles, local bubbles, social bubbles, work bubbles (I literally teach tennis in an athletic bubble), and so on and so on. And now that all of these bubbles are floating around the magical/nightmarish world of the internet, our dissenting world views are colliding into each other like American Gladiators competing in Atlasphere…



But why must we butt heads so hard? Why are we all so steadfast in our ways when in reality we’re all a bunch of morons who have no idea why we’re here in the first place? Because just like with cherry flavored cough syrup (or my grandma’s tuna casserole), it’s extremely hard for us to swallow our pride. Ever met someone who can’t admit they’re wrong? It’s infuriating. It’s like trying to beat a wall in tennis. If only we took one second to honestly look at ourselves in the mirror and say “maybe the world isn’t limited to my extremely small batch of experiences,” we’d all be so much better off. But no, the majority of us have our heads stuck so far up our asses that we’ll never be able to see outside of ourselves.

It’s extremely important for us to always challenge our belief system. High self-esteem and confidence are two of the most important attributes one can possess, but it’s equally as important to remember that part of you is a complete, drop your phone in the toilet, idiot. Most of us aren’t as terrible as Anthony Weiner, Robert Ailes or the photographer who trips immigrants, but every single one of us has made some awful, stupid, embarrassing mistakes in our lives (I used to listen to O.A.R.). And odds are you’re going to keep on making these types of mistakes throughout your life. That’s what this pointless journey is all about. You fail, you learn, you grow. You ever look back at past versions of yourselves and say “wow, what a loser?” Well, if you’re doing anything right, you’ll be saying that exact same thing about your current self a couple of years down the road. Or you can stay angry and racist forever like my insane Uncle Dale.


Speaking of acceptance, let’s talk about religion. Religion has the potential to be one of the most positively powerful forces in our world, but unfortunately some of us take it a little too seriously (cue clip of Crusaders chopping off people’s heads). There’s a reason we have a little known concept called “separation of church and state.” In this beautiful country of ours, we have the right to think, believe and feel however we please, but we have to remember that there is a fine line between faith and fact.  Freedom is the right to believe whatever you want to believe, but enforcing those beliefs on other people is the exact opposite. You don’t think women should be able to have abortions? That’s fantastic. Don’t have to have an abortion. But so help you God if you even think about using your belief system to tell me or anyone else how to live our lives. Arguing religion is like arguing who you think is going to win the Super Bowl. You may believe your team is going to win, but at the end of the day, you’re just hoping and praying.

And that is why I am writing this article. To help raise self-awareness awareness. Our world and our lives are absolutely insane right now. Never before have we had so much access to so much real time information, and the amazingness/horror that it reveals is almost impossible for us to comprehend. There are so many different opinions living in one messed up, un-regulated, mucus storm of a forum known as the internet, that it’s hard to not be constantly yanking at your brain yelling “WTF GOD!!!!!!!!??????” But instead of freaking out, take a deep breath and remember that we’re all idiots, we’re all in this together, and most importantly, none of this matters. And on that note, let’s cue some Carlin…

Thanks and have a Jim Dandy Day!!!

Country Time Comedy – Tuesday August 30th!

August 30th CTC

Hey Gang! One of the most fun comedy shows in all of the land is back this Tuesday night at the New York Comedy Club (241 E 24th st). As always, the lineup is amazing, and because you are all our super awesome friends, tickets are FREE! RSVP to this event by emailing JDPinsly@gmail.com, and your name added to the guest list. And oh yea, after party hang out sesh at The Globe (158 E 23rd st). Here’s this week’s lineup. It’s nothing short of glorious….

HARRISON GREENBAUM (Last Comic Standing)

Harrison Greenbaum









MIKE RECINE (Comedy Central)

Mike Recine













Madison Malloy











JEREMY PINSLY (co-producer)

Headshot Crop










JOE GERICS (co-producer)










Hosted By:











Gonna be an amazing night. Come party with us!

Jer and Joe

Country Time Comedy – Tuesday August 16th

August 16th CTC

Hey Gang! The most funnest show in all of the land is back this Tuesday night at 7PM at the New York Comedy Club (241 E 24th st)! As always, the lineup is amazing, tickets are FREE (only for you), and we have a sweet awesome after party hang out sesh at the Globe (158 E23rd st). Email JDPinsly@gmail.com with your name to reserve a seat. We always have an incredible time, so if you want to not not have fun Tuesday night, you should totally come out. Here’s this week’s lineup. It’s absolutely gorgeous…


SEATON SMITH (Fox’s Mulaney)










MYQ KAPLAN (Comedy Central, Netflix)









SCOTLAND GREEN (Comedy as a 2nd Language)













LUIS J GOMEZ (Legion of Skanks)

Luis Gomez


















JOE GERICS (co-producer)













JEREMY PINSLY (co-producer)

Headshot Crop










Hosted by:

Leah Bonnema








Musical Guest (via ipod):










Gonna be such an amazing night. Come party with us!



Team Country Time