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    Tuesday February 24th - Brother Jimmy's in Union Square @ 8PM

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Country Time Comedy – Blizzard Edition!

Blizzard Show

Hey Gang! I know the weather is not IDEAL, but if you feel like being a winter warrior, come to Brother Jimmy’s in Union Square tonight at 8 because the show is STILL ON! My mom used to always preach to me “can’t stop, won’t stop,” so I feel it is in my best interest to honor her teachings. I am waiving the cover on the show and will even give you a free drink coupon for coming out. I know most of you are like “this is madness!” but sometimes if you suck it up and CARPE THE DIEM, you just might be glad you didn’t stay cooped up in your apartment for a second straight night playing Jenga in your jammies while the rest of us brave the elements and live the lives we were put here on this earth to live. Here’s the lineup for tonight. It’s utterly tremendous…

NORE DAVIS (Inside Amy Schumer)







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Country Time Comedy – TUESDAY January 27th

Country Time January 2015

Why hello there ya little swamp monsters! If you want to hear some tremendous news, I’ve got it because Country Time Comedy is back at Brother Jimmy’s in Union Square next Tuesday night (Jan 27th) at 8PM! I know that the show is usually on Wednesday night, but some ass clowns rented out the bar on Wednesdays for a month, so the next 2 shows will be on Tuesdays. The lineups are still gonna be doper than dope, the drinks are gonna be cheaper than cheap, the food’s gonna be more delicious than delicious, and the memories will be more memorable than memorable (unless of course you take advantage of those cheap drinks). I’ll send out another email next Monday as a reminder (because I love harassing you!), but if you know you want to come and would like to receive a free drink coupon and my everlasting respect, you can buy your tix by clicking the link below to ensure yourself a seat. It’s going to be another AMAZING show, so if you like having fun times with cool people, come on down to Brother Jimmy’s and let’s make Tuesday nights not be terrible!


And in other news, I filmed a brand new promotional video from a set I did at a show at Eastville Comedy Club a couple of weeks ago. Jim Gaffigan came by and I got to follow him and it was a super awesome night. If you want to relive the majesty and see how far all of your support has helped me get, check out the link below…


If you have any interest in seeing the full 16 minute set, shoot me an email and I’ll send ya the link. Those are the kind of sweet perks you get by being on this email chain! I hope you all have the loveliest of weeks and if I don’t see ya before, hopefully I’ll see ya next TUESDAY!


Country Time Comedy – WEDNESDAY NIGHT!

Country Time Comedy - Birthday

Hey there ya little honey badgers! I hope you all had an absolutely DELIGHTFUL Thanksgiving (num num num num), and now that we’re back onto what some people might refer to as “the grind”, I figured this would be a perfectly good time to remind you that Country Time Comedy is back TOMORROW night (Wednesday Dec. 3rd) at 8PM at Brother Jimmy’s in Union Square! Not only will it be the last show of the year, but it will also be the night before my 28th birthday, so it’s going to be totally freakin awesome! And yea, I will be doing stand-up in my birthday sash and tiara. Why? BECAUSE I DESERVE IT!!! This week’s lineup is truly and utterly amazing and on top of that, I will be a doing a longer 20-25 minute set of my own. It’s going to be such a great night, and I would love nothing more in the whole wide world than to spend it with the people I love the most (that’s you guys). Here’s the lineup. Dopeness to the max…


TED ALEXANDRO (Comedy Central)










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