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Country Time Comedy at NYCC – WEDNESDAY NIGHT at 7PM!

Country Time NYCC (Wide 5 cover)

Hey there Gang! I know the anticipation has been absolutely KILLING you, but worry no more because Country Time Comedy debuts at the New York Comedy Club tomorrow night at 7PM! It’s going to be really nice moving from a below ground BBQ restaurant basement to an above ground comedy club, and I would nothing more than for you precious angels to celebrate this first show with us. Tix are only $5 (normally $20) and there is a 2 drink minimum. You can purchase the discounted tix and get lineup details by clicking the link below…


You can also buy $5 tickets at the door by using the password “Country Time”, but as all of our mommas used to say, it’s¬†better to be safe than sorry. We will be running this show every other Wednesday night and the two things that are always guaranteed are amazing lineups and an after party to follow, so come on out to the NYCC tomorrow night at 7PM and let’s kick this beast off properly!

Hopefully I’ll see some of you animals there!


Country Time Comedy at NYCC – Wednesday June 24th!

Country Time NYCC (Wide 5 cover)

Hey Gang! I’ve got some utterly fantastic news – Country Time Comedy has found a new home at the New York Comedy Club! As much as I am going to miss the hot wings, the plywood/milk crate stage, and the stale beer smell of the basement of Brother Jimmy’s, it’s time to move on to much greener pastures. I will now be running the show EVERY OTHER WEDNESDAY NIGHT with my good pal and fellow comedian, Joe Gerics, and the first show is next Wednesday, June 24th at 7PM. One thing that will never change is that we will always book the best comics in the city and it will always be a super awesome (potentially life changing?) experience. Tickets will normally run for $20, but because you guys are my friends and I love you so much, I will sell them to you for $5. And oh yea, there is a 2 drink minimum, but drinking is good for you and you’re going want to be nice and lubed for the after party immediately following the show. We are so excited about this new opportunity and I want to thank every single one of you who has supported the show. I am nothing, and I mean NOTHING without you.

You can buy tickets by clicking the link below and using the code JCUBED to get your awesome friend discount…


It’s going to be such an amazing night so hopefully I’ll see some of your beautiful faces there next Wednesday night at 7PM for the inaugural show!


Country Time Comedy – WEDNESDAY May 27th!

Country Time Comedy May 27

Hey Gang! Summer is finally here! Time to get out the Super Soaker 500s, the the slip and slides, and the Jack Daniels fueled Arnold Palmers because life is finally about to stop sucking again. Yay!

To kick off this first week of mini-skirts, Ray Bans and bronzed up skin tones, we here at the Country Time Comedy team have put together one of the best shows to date, and we would love nothing more than for you to come out to Brother Jimmy’s in Union Square (116 e 16th st) at 8PM tomorrow night to hang out with us at the greatest/most fun stand-up comedy show in all of the land!¬†Tickets are $5 and drink specials include $3 bud/bud light drafts $3 wells and $5 frozen margaritas (food and drink are served throughout the show), and the memories are forever. If you have the slightest idea of what’s good for your soul, you should totally and come hang out with us! Here’s who we got bringing the magic…

ARI SHAFFIR (Comedy Central)









MARK NORMAND (Conan, Comedy Central)









EMMA WILLMAN (Live at Gotham)

Emma Willman











SEAN DONNELLY (Comedy Cellar, Comedy Central)









NICK TURNER (Best Week Ever, Late Night w/ Seth Myers)

Nick Turner








LISA SOBIN (Caroline’s)





















Hosted By:

LArry Beyah









Musical Guest (via my ipod):









If you want to ensure yourself a seat at the show and get yourself a FREE DRINK COUPON, you can do so by buying tickets via the link below…


You can also buy at the door for $5, but if you do, no free drink for you! It’s going to be such an awesome night and the perfect way to kick off the best season of the year, so if you aint got nothin to do tomorrow night, come on over to Bro Js and let’s celebrate!

Hopefully I’ll see some of you animals there!