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Country Time Comedy – Wednesday September 10th

Hey ya little monsters! The time hath finally arrived! Country Time Comedy is back at Brother Jimmy’s in Union Square TOMORROW NIGHT (Wednesday) from 8-10PM! I’m so excited I can’t stop using exclamation points!!! Seriously though, this show is going to be AMAZING. The only thing that will be better than the show itself will be the super fun time we will all have hanging out with each other. You should 100%, without question, most definitely, absolutely come to this. Why? Because I said so! I mean because life is short and you have to take advantage of the opportunities you are presented. Tickets are $5 and food/drink will be served throughout the show (link to buy tickets is below). Without wasting any more of your precious time, I present to you the lineup. It’s utterly tremendous…



Nick Vatterot








MICHELLE WOLF (Late Night with Seth Meyers)

Michelle Wolf








WIL SYLVINCE (Comedy Central, HBO Def Jam)










JEREMY PINSLY (Yea, I just used the 3rd person)













Patty Mo













Hosted by:












MUSICAL GUEST (via my iPod):









As I said before, tickets are $5 and you can buy them by clicking the link below. You can buy at the door, but it sure would make life easier if you pre-order!


Gonna be such a fun night! Hopefully I’ll see some of your darling mugs tomorrow night!


Country Time Comedy is Back!


Hey Gang! I am oh so pleased to announce that on Wednesday September 10th (ONE WEEK FROM TODAY) Country Time Comedy is finally comin back to Brother Jimmy’s in Union Square!!! I know most of you just spit whatever you were drinking all over your computer in a fit of excitement, but try and contain yourselves because we still have 7 days until the magic re-begins. The show will now be run on a monthly basis and there will be a $5 cover (first 10 people to order tickets online get FREE DRINK coupons!). We will be featuring the BEST comics in NYC/the world (people who have been on Comedy Central, HBO, the Daily Show, Jimmy Fallon, Conan…), and it will be one of the most awesomist, funnest shows you have ever been to in your entire life! Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourselves ya little animals! If you are not at least 94.8% satisfied with your experience, I’ll give you a refund, a free drink, and a tear filled apology where I get on my knees and hysterically beg you to continue respecting me as a human being. Either way, it’s gonna be memorable!


The lineup and show details are all listed on the ticket link below. If you know you want to come, please buy in advanced! Tix might go quickly! And like I said earlier, FIRST 10 PEOPLE TO BUY ONLINE GET A FREE DRINK COUPON!


Hopefully I’ll see some of you precious angels there! Gonna be such a neat time!


Country Time Comedy – LAST SHOW (for now)

Hey Gang! THIS TUESDAY NIGHT (June 24th) WILL BE THE LAST COUNTRY TIME COMEDY UNTIL AUGUST!!! I know a lot of you might have just broken your keyboards with a downpour of tears, but don’t fret because this is all for the better! The show is going to come back on a monthly basis (most likely on a Thursday night), so the absence is only temporary.  Until that time, I’d like to send this ship off properly, so come out this Tuesday night and let’s party like a bunch of drunk sorority girls! The show starts at 8, there is a full service waitress on hand, and the only thing guaranteed is a super awesome time. Here’s who we got bringin the pain/joy…



Noah G










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