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    Tuesday January 27th - Brother Jimmy's in Union Square @ 8PM
    Tuesday February 24th - Brother Jimmy's in Union Square @ 8PM

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Country Time Comedy – TUESDAY February 24th

CountryTimeComedyFlyer Feb24

Hey Gang! I know it’s only Monday (frowny face), but the good news is, everyone’s favorite monthly, BBQ restaurant, basement, comedy show is back at Brother Jimmy’s in Union Square TOMORROW (Tuesday) NIGHT at 8PM! It’s gonna be such a GAS!!! How good is the lineup going to be? AMAZING! The drinks? AMAZING! The food? PRETTY DAMN GOOD FOR A BBQ RESTAURANT IN NEW YORK! Yea it might be a little cold outside, but it’s a lot more boring inside your apartment. Don’t believe me, come see for yourself! Here’s who we got bringin the soul warming hilarity…











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Country Time Comedy – TUESDAY February 24th

CountryTimeComedyFlyer Feb24

Hey there ya filthy animals! I hope you all had the loveliest of President’s Day/Valentine’s Day weekends. Mine consisted of liquor, shotguns, beef jerky and strippers at my friend’s bachelor party in the Blue Ridge Mountains, so yea, it was pretty sweet (and I’m having a difficult time being a person today).

In other news, Country Time Comedy is back at Brother Jimmy’s in Union Square on Tuesday February 24th at 8PM (YAY!). I just started running the show with a new partner, Lisa Sobin, who is the slightly more mature, female version of myself, so the show is only going to get bigger and better. We put together one of the best lineups to date, so if you’re not busy hitting on your co-worker who convinced you to join their Tuesday night dodgeball league, you should totally come hang out and party with us at Bro Js next Tuesday night. Tickets are $5, beers are $3, and most importantly, the memories are forever. The first 15 people to purchase tickets online get a FREE DRINK COUPON, so if you know you want to be a part of the amazingness, you should totes buy your tix ahead of time. Here’s the link…


It’s going to be a super awesome time, so hopefully I’ll see some of your beautiful faces there!



Country Time Comedy – Blizzard Edition!

Blizzard Show

Hey Gang! I know the weather is not IDEAL, but if you feel like being a winter warrior, come to Brother Jimmy’s in Union Square tonight at 8 because the show is STILL ON! My mom used to always preach to me “can’t stop, won’t stop,” so I feel it is in my best interest to honor her teachings. I am waiving the cover on the show and will even give you a free drink coupon for coming out. I know most of you are like “this is madness!” but sometimes if you suck it up and CARPE THE DIEM, you just might be glad you didn’t stay cooped up in your apartment for a second straight night playing Jenga in your jammies while the rest of us brave the elements and live the lives we were put here on this earth to live. Here’s the lineup for tonight. It’s utterly tremendous…

NORE DAVIS (Inside Amy Schumer)







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